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From Alex Blewitt <>
Subject Re: DownloadTest Failure when working offline/ behind firewall
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2003 08:24:24 GMT
On Friday, Aug 29, 2003, at 08:59 Europe/London, James Strachan wrote:

> No - unit tests are part of the build process and they should stay 
> there.
>> Either that, or a not-build-but-everything-but-tests target should be 
>> created; I've not managed to find one in Maven so far (at least, one 
>> that does everything bar test).
> I don't follow.
> // to compile just the code & tests
> maven java:compile test:compile
> You can disable the running of the unit tests if you wish via the 
> maven.test.skip=true property which can be specified in your 
> or on the command line. What more do you need?

In my experience in using Java projects (using ant, rather than maven; 
the latter is a bit new to me) there were separate 'build' and 'test' 
targets. I think there is benefit in a build-and-test target, but the 
problem is that a build is not just java:compile; dependent Jars need 
to be created, resources copied to appropriate locations and so forth.

IMNSO the targets would be beneficial if ordered:

+-- build-without-test
     +-- java:compile, jar:jar etc. as is at the moment
+-- test
     +-- test:compile
     +-- test:test (or whatever the appropriate target is)

That way, a developer could run build-and-test or build-without-test as 

> No - unit tests are part of the build process and they should stay 
> there.

Certainly I believe very strongly that there should be tests, and the 
ability to run them out-of-the-box. You could use whatever names you 
wanted for the above targets, so 'build-and-test == build' and 
'build-without-tests' could have a different name.

But having this as a separate target, as opposed to having to run with 
setting maven properties (on command line, or in properties file) would 
be a nicer way of doing it. You could even set up the target 
'build-without-test' to set the maven.test.skip and then call the 
original build process ...


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