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From Alex Blewitt <>
Subject Re: DownloadTest Failure when working offline/ behind firewall
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2003 16:17:44 GMT
I really think that there should be a split between 'build' and 'test'.

Whilst it may be desirable for both to occur by default, it would be 
incredibly useful to be able to build w/o testing. I've found that the 
easiest way to disable all tests is to comment the etc/project.xml file 
and commenting (using <!-- -->) out the unitTestDir element ...

That way, you should be able to build w/o testing.


On Thursday, Aug 28, 2003, at 16:12 Europe/London, Kristian Koehler 

> Hi
> we have a problem when running the tests for the core module.
> The org.apache.geronimo.deployment.repository.DownloadTest fails when 
> being executed offline or from behind a firewall. Since the VM can't 
> establish a connection to the remote URL 
> ( the test fails causing the complete 
> build to fail as well. Which means that currently only compilation and 
> testing is run. Building a distribution requires local hacking (which 
> is a bit annoying).
> Or are we missing some local configuration, especially for working 
> offline?
> If not, we could image the following solutions and would provide them 
> if wanted.
> 1.  Check  if a Connection to the remote host can be establihed. If 
> not skip the testRemoteCopy() Test.
> 2. Start a tiny web server (like JWebUnit IIRC) on the local machine 
> and download the file from there.
> 3. Is the remote HTTP test actually necessary?
>    Steffen and Kristian

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