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From Simon Brooke <>
Subject Re: Introduction and question re: JavaMail
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2003 12:21:35 GMT
On Friday 22 Aug 2003 12:54 pm, Alex Blewitt wrote:

[Alex, your mailhost seems to be out. I'm getting 
'"<>... Can not check MX records for recipient host ", although if I do an nslookup I get
Non-authoritative answer:       mail exchanger = 50       mail exchanger = 10       mail exchanger = 10
However, I guess you'll get this from the list and I would have cc'ed the list 

> On Thursday, Aug 21, 2003, at 13:39 Europe/London, Simon Brooke wrote:
> > Does Geronimo plan to do a clean-room reimplementation of JavaMail? If
> > so,
> > does it intend a plug-compatible clone of the JavaMail API or simply
> > to build
> > equivalent functionality?
> I am working on a JavaMail reimplementation. Current stage is that
> we've got the API class/method-list complete, though there are a few
> parts of the API that still need implementing (e.g. MimeMessage). I'm
> working my way through those, since I did most of the original API and
> know what needs to be done in certain classes/objects.
> There are other (larger) areas that need implementation as well; for
> example, we don't have an SMTPTransport (or NNTPTransport), or the
> IMAPStore or POP3Store yet. Both of these could be done separately from
> the API being completed (though you'd probably have to test with dummy
> messages to start with).
> There's also the ideas being bashed around about introducing the
> JavaMail API JavaDoc into the interfaces, for help with documentation
> et al.
> Those are some ideas of where we need to go with JavaMail -- any of
> those sound interesting?

Give me a class and an API to work on, and I'll see what I can get back to 

No, it doesn't sound precisely _interesting_; it's a chore that has to be 
done. However it's a chore that I have the skills and motivation to do. I'd 
much prefer to implement something new rather than rebuild something which 
already exists (particularly if I can't tinker with the architecture); but in 
these post SCO lawsuit days I think we need to be very clear about what is 
open source and what is not, and where there are iffy things we are using 
(such as Sun packages which are free-as-in-beer without being 
free-as-in-speech) we need to reimplement them cleanly.

Oh - my AI .sig generater seems particularly inspired this morning...



-- (Simon Brooke)

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 	;; doing it for money, stop now.
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