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From Simon Brooke <>
Subject Introduction and question re: JavaMail
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 12:39:32 GMT

This is firstly to say I've joined the list and to introduce myself. I've been 
programming for twenty years and in Java for six years. My maybeupload 
package <URL:> is used by Cocoon 2.

Secondly JavaMail. JavaMail (and the JAF on which it depends) are the two 
remaining non-open-source packages on which my own toolkit
<URL:> depends. I therefore have an 
itch to scratch.

Does Geronimo plan to do a clean-room reimplementation of JavaMail? If so, 
does it intend a plug-compatible clone of the JavaMail API or simply to build 
equivalent functionality?

Either way I would like to be involved and offer my skills such as they are.



-- (Simon Brooke)

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