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Subject [jms][patch] Integrating OpenJMS
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2003 21:30:47 GMT
If no one has started and no one objects, I was planning to begin
integrating OpenJMS into Geronimo.

My plan of attack was going to include:

1) Adding the JMS specification source files to specs/j2ee.  This is
done as I've completed adding the ASF license to the JMS 1.1 source
files and included an archive of the modified files.

2) Creating a generic JMS provider SPI and adding it to the core
module.  The interface would include the MBeans to manage the JMS
components, the means to bind administered objects to the naming
context, provided the JMS stats as per JSR77, etc.

3) Creating a OpenJMS implementation for the JMS SPI.

If anyone has any thoughts, concerns, or guidance, feel free to share.

Brent Worden

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