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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: The official name is Apache Geronimo.
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2003 05:02:35 GMT
This one time, at band camp, Richard Monson-Haefel said:

RM>Please add this to the wiki, maybe under "Why Geronimo?". Its excellent!

*Extremely* well said, Norm. I completely agree, Richard. Your wish
is my command:

RM>On 8/14/03 6:19 PM, "n. alex rupp" <> wrote:
RM>> My word is by no means official around here, but the name is and should
RM>> remain Apache Geronimo.  I'll tell you five good reasons why.
RM>> 1.  It's got amazing traction in the press. Brand recognition is an
RM>> IMMENSELY important advantage in this market.  If you can get 100,000 people
RM>> to whisper your name that's a big deal.  When people remember it, that's
RM>> even bigger.  I spent years in the media industry and I can tell you what's
RM>> happened in the first two weeks of Geronimo is very special.  Throwing that
RM>> traction away would be stupid.
RM>> 2.  This project and this server will be a place of public accomodation used
RM>> by people from all around the world.  Everyone from members of powerful
RM>> corporations and governments to tiny villages in Honduras will be able to
RM>> use it to build web applications for FREE.  Naming it in honor of Geronimo
RM>> is the equivalent of naming an international airport after John F. Kennedy,
RM>> Ronald Reagan or Cesar Vallejo.  It is a mark of our highest respect.
RM>> 3.  I don't associate his name with jumping out of an airplane or suicide.
RM>> Anyone who does might consider spending less time in front of the television
RM>> and take up gardening, yoga or base jumping.
RM>> 4.  Pointy-haired bosses who don't see the business sense in Open Source are
RM>> most likely not the future business leaders of the software industry, and
RM>> we're not sycophantic toadies who live to serve them.  If they're concerned
RM>> about the name of their software because of it rings of a bad war movie or
RM>> because it might impact on the appearance of their business, we probably
RM>> can't help them anyway.  If they're looking for the Vole, they know where to
RM>> find it.
RM>> 5.  The name is reported to have been democratically chosen by a majority of
RM>> the initial project members after 2 weeks of discussion.
RM>> Those are all the reasons I need.
RM>> So please, take all of your names and save them.  Most of them are
RM>> fantastic.  There will be other projects for them and if not, you can always
RM>> adopt.  I'm not a committing member of this project and I can't speak
RM>> officially but I know a good thing when I see one, so I give Geronimo a big
RM>> warm fat +1.
RM>> --
RM>> N. Alex Rupp (
RM>Richard Monson-Haefel
RM>Co-Founder\Developer, Apache Geronimo
RM>Author of:
RM>  J2EE Web Services (AW 2003)
RM>  Enterprise JavaBeans, 4ed (O'Reilly 2004)
RM>  Java Message Service (O'Reilly 2000)

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