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From Andy Jefferson <>
Subject Re: [website] : navigation
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 20:22:56 GMT
On Thursday 14 Aug 2003 21:13, Jason Dillon wrote:
> Sure, tell me how it works :-)

Having just tried it on geronimo, it seems to have complaints with the 
geronimo layout of projects :-0. The intention with Maven (based on all 
projects i've seen, and what the Maven developers say) is that you have a 
top-level project, and sub-projects off that - and the multiproject plugin 
seems to need this (understandably when you know how it does its work). 
However with geronimo it seems to be structured to have the "main" project 
off in a etc directory for some reason.

What is supposed to happen is, you do a 'maven multiproject' and it goes 
through the directories and finds sub-projects, and does site:generates in 
all, building the full site documentation in the top-level "target" 
directory. It will put links from the top-level project down to the 
sub-projects (but not back up to the top-level from sub-projects yet). The 
thing you need to add to the top-level "" is


This will exclude the top-level project from the sub-projects search (because 
the plugin doesn't support that yet).

The only problem you've got is that the current geronimo project structure 
doesn't have the main project at the top-level ! :-( Is there a good reason 
why its up in the etc directory ?


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