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From Sean Hamblett <>
Subject [JSR-77]
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 03:15:21 GMT
I have seen a lot of messages on JSR-88, but haven't seen any recent messages 
on JSR-77.  I was reading the JSR-77 spec, and it seems to be based on the 
concept of Managed Object, and has an extensive object model, that I am 
having a hard time correlating to the existing codebase.  Is there an 
organized effort or plan to adopt the J2EE Managed Object Model, or has this 
topic not really come up on the radar yet?  I would like to participate in 
bringing it to life, but I would like a concensus on a direction/plan to 
start implementing this.  If anyone has been working on it, I would like to 
get some feedback on what should be implemented (all or parts), and an a 
tasklist for what is left to do.



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