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From Chris Opacki <>
Subject RE: J2EE DeploymentManager ( was J2EE deployment verifier)
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 16:56:40 GMT
I haven't checked out the license yet. Are the classes
in CVS?

I have started downloading all of the related specs to
collect all of that information.

It is a requirement for the Tool side to work connect
and not connected. I am assuming this will require
remote access to the serverside of the API.

So far it seems Jonathan D. and I are the only people
interested in this task.

--- Aaron Mulder <>
> On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Chris Opacki wrote:
> > I have the javax.enterprise.deployment classes
> > downloaded from sun. Do we need anything else to
> start
> > the DDBean implementations? I'm not sure if anyone
> > else has started on these things... Jon Duty and I
> > (and anyone else interested) are ready to start on
> > these things.
> 	The point is, we probably can't use the classes you
> downloaded
> from Sun.  Have you examined the license with care? 
> Are we allowed to
> freely redistribute them under our own license? 
> That not typically
> allowed.
> 	Also, before starting on the DDBeans, we need to
> assemble the list 
> of deployment information that is actually required.
>  Otherwise, what will 
> the DDBeans represent?  We should probably also
> prioritize EJB, Web, J2CA, 
> and application metadata and tackle these one at a
> time.
> 	We also need to figure out how the JSR-88 impl will
> communicate 
> with the server, since they're typically run in
> different JVMs, if not on 
> different machines altogether.
> Aaron

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