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From "Weston M. Price" <>
Subject Re: Where to dive in?
Date Sun, 10 Aug 2003 00:14:22 GMT
	I am sort of in the same boat as John. I have about 4 years of J2EE 
experience primarily in the WebSphere/JBoss space and would really like to be 
involved in this project as much as possible. 
	I understand that it is a goal of Geronimo to integrate as many existing J2EE 
components (OpenEJB, Castor, OpenJMS etc) as possible, so I guess the 
question is how does one become active in the development efforts of a 
particular piece of the puzzle that is already somewhat mature? Further, if 
new development is required for something how are the responsibilities going 
to be partitioned. I would assume someone is going to be in a "lead" type 
position for each module (EJB container, JNDI etc), but beyond that, I am 
really sort of curious as to how others could gravitate to an area of 
development that is either particularly suited to their skillset, or 
appealing to them due to a particular learning interest. 


Weston Price

On Sunday 10 August 2003 04:06 am, John Wells wrote:
> I'm not a J2EE expert.  I am, however, fairly experienced in the
> programming world and have several years of Java experience under my belt;
> portions of those years have been spent working with J2EE technologies.
> That said, how can someone like me contribute to Geronimo?  I look at
> involvement as a great opportunity for learning and contributing to the
> community, but am very unsure where I can jump in.
> Thanks for any input you can provide...
> John

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