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From Emmanuel Bernard <>
Subject Re: Project Goals
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 06:53:32 GMT
Aaron and geronimos,
Here is a summarize that might help for #1 and #2
point. I did it from the geronimo-dev mailing list.
I put an (?) when no consensus or no real discussion
occurs on the subject. This *does not mean* othe
subject has been widely approved (formerly or not).
Feel to update. I choose not to add it on the Wiki but
putting this material on it seems to be a good idea
after some mail iterations on it.

Goals (from the proposal)
Create a J2EE 1.4 (?) certified container available
under ASF license.
J2EE specs has been listed on the Wiki

Create a fully modular J2EE stack so that the Apache
community can use whichever parts of the J2EE stack
they require separate from the J2EE server project.

Reusing the best ASF/BSD licensed code available today
and adding new code to complete the J2EE stack.

Way to do it
Using Maven as developement process tool

Using Gump and Maven

Full Unit Testing coverage (JUnit)

Geronimo is JMX based vs Geronimo has a JMX interface
  Solution proposed:
    * JMX core of the modular J2EE stack (initial
contributors approch to stay focused)
    * Avalon core of the modular J2EE stack
    * HiveMind core of the modular J2EE stack
    * Home grown Micro kernel core of the modular J2EE
    * EJB central piece of Geronimo ??

Persistence layer use spec front end (EJB, JDO)
delegating to a runtime chosen persistence manager
coordinating plugins actions (caching, locking,
versioning). Reuse approche for persistence manager
impl : OJB, Hibernate, ...

Geronimo has one and only one EJB Container, but the
implementationof the EJB container should differ (?)
Issue: relation between Geronimo core and EJB

Think about classloading strategy, and think again.

Use Aspect or not (?)
Use Aspect or not for the first geronimo steps (?)
Develop home grown aspect framework or use an existing
one (?)

Reflexion vs/and (bytecode) generate code discussion

JNDI impl shared with Tomcat (jakarta commons) (?)

Docs, docs, docs... especially on architecture vision


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