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Subject Project Goals
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 23:46:12 GMT
I am definitely interested in understanding the process.  I'm happy to read
through any documentation you care to post.

I've been working with J2EE in one form or another for around 4 years.

Will there be an artifact repository into which architectural, requirements,
design documentation can be placed and preserved?  If this is voted on, who/what
tallys the results and publishes them?  Who has veto power over voting, and how
often do these individuals (roles, not the people in our case) tend to exercise
their veto power?

I am eager to dive into all aspects of the process.

John C. Dale
Professional Services

On Thu, 7 Aug 2003 15:56:57 -0700, Aaron Bannert wrote:

> Ok, now that the momentum has picked up a little, I'd like to start
> to get consensus on some project goals, so we can all figure out
> what we'd like to contribute and get involved in. I, for on, am not
> familiar with J2EE much at all, but am interested in learning and
> contributing where I can, not to mention I'm on the incubator PMC
> and would like to help guide this project in the right direction.
> - For starters, what do we all feel are the major goals of this project?
> - Are there any TODO items that may or may not have been mentioned,
>    but that we should keep track of?
> - Does everyone understand the ground rules of Apache (voting, PMC,
>    membership, commit access, other conventions, etc)? Is there anything
>    we can do to help clarify any positions?
> This is probably enough to start a healthy discussion. I'll try and 
> take the
> results and build a STATUS file that we can all contribute to. Once we
> get a healthy STATUS document, I feel we should make an attempt at
> architecture.
> -aaron

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