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From Christian Trutz <>
Subject Re: how about maven?
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 12:11:08 GMT
> 	1. Managing the EJB's using reflection
> 	2. Managing the EJB's through dynamic proxies
> 	3. Managing the EJB's using JMX

i think it should be possible to have many different implementations
of the EJB container and the user(admin) should then decide whichone
he is using ...

the rule:

Geronimo has one and only one EJB Container, but the implementation
of the EJB container should differ 

is a good one

the first question that i have is:

what should be the contract / interface
between Geronimo and its EJBContainer?

ould the beans be deployed thru Geronimo to the
EJB container or directly to the container or both

should a method call be fired thru:

Geronimo -> EJB container -> bean -> method

EJB container -> bean -> method

how about transactions .... :-)

oh i think transaction + ejb container is the central 
piece of code :-)


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