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From James Strachan <>
Subject [maven] build changes and the latest website
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 15:51:05 GMT
I've tided up the build a bit. Now the root directory (geronimo) is 
used to build the entire project. To do that just type


to do a clean rebuild of the website try

	maven rebuild

or if you want to generate the entire website type (warning it takes a 
while - it all ends up in target/docs)

	maven site

If you want to build or work on a single module, then cd into the 
module in question. e.g.

	cd modules/core
	maven javadoc test


Have tried to update the readme.txt to reflect this.

In addition I"ve updated the Wiki to include details of how to publish 
the website...

Quite frankly the current policy of the incubator - for the website to 
be put into CVS so it can be deployed - is horrible for maven built 
projects. I've been trying to *commit* now from inside Eclipse for 
about 5 hours and got nowhere. There's so many files to commit & so 
much stuff that it keeps barfing - even if I choose a fairly small part 
of the website. Its a horrible process. If anyone has any bright ideas 
for improving this I'm all ears as right now I don't think I could bare 
to go through this again. (When a normal site:deploy takes about a 
minute by scp-ing it over to the website & unpacking it).

So if anyone has any neat ideas for adding recursively a large 
directory of code which is approx 40Mb of text in quite nested 
directories, overriding any merge conflicts etc I"m all ears. Some 
shell script or something to do things one directory at a time or 

Anyways for the foreseeable future until someone can get an 
automated-check-website-into-cvs script working, the recently built 
website's here...


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