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From Alex Blewitt <>
Subject Re: Central piece: to JMX or not to JMX - Avalon
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 13:57:32 GMT
>> I think using Avalon (or Phoenix) is a great idea and something we
>> should look into.
> The initial contributors did look into this (see below).

The FAQ from this point is:

"Q: So is Geronimo going to be based on Avalon?

A: To be certified Geronimo needs to fully support JMX and JNDI. So the 
current plan is to follow the direction of Tomcat 5, Jetty & JBoss and 
to use MBeans to register & wire the services together along with JNDI.

There are a lot of different 'services frameworks' such as JMX, Avalon, 
PicoContainer?, Spread, Java Beans etc. The only one we absolutely must 
support is JMX - so we'll focus on that first. However there is no 
reason why Geronimo cannot have other kinds of containers dropped in as 
services (Avalon, PicoContainer? or whatever). From Geronmio's 
perspective its just a bunch of MBeans.  "

I think that although Geronimo needs to /support/ JMX and JNDI, it 
doesn't need to be /built/ in terms of JMX and JNDI. So it could (for 
example) be built on top of Avalon, and have JMX interfaces for the 
things that need it.

I've already made a post to the effect of Geronimo isA JMX vs. Geronimo 
hasA JXM interface, and my preference is strongly for the latter.

Has this decision already been taken to base it entirely on JMX ala 
JBoss? I really don't think that's the right way forward.


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