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From Michael Turilin <>
Subject Re: [JMS] OpenJMS and EJB MDBs
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 15:03:32 GMT
IMHO JMS is a good candidate for universal persistence framework

The architecture could be like this:
|JMS| ----> |             | ---> |JDBC Adapter  | ---> RDBMS
            |             |
|JNDI| ---> | Universal   | ---> |OODB Adapter  | ---> OODBMS
            | Persistence |
|CMP| ----> | Framework   | ---> |XML Adapter   | ---> XML
            |             |
|JDO| ----> |_____________| ---> |Other Adapter | ---> <something...>

To meet requirements framework have to be flexible it could
result it to be too complex and too slow.

The second issue is where we should implement caching - in the
framework or in the adapters? The first variant is more easy to
maintain and take less work to implement. In adapter we could
use the specific knowledge about the data of even
implementation of data storage, for example Oracle specific adapter
that could use Oracle specific features to boost performance.

KM> With regards to pluggable persistance, I was proposing a
KM> pluggable persistance backend to any potneital JNDI system
KM> that's implemented, perhaps a universal persistance framework
KM> could be used for many different things. Do people think that
KM> implementing this would be useful to other components?  More
KM> specifically, which other parts do you think would find this
KM> useful?

>> A)  Use/Fork OpenJMS ?
>> C)  Implement a new JMS provider using services from Geronimo
>> (persistence, trans, etc) ?

KM> As I read at OpenJMS site they plan to switch the persistance
KM> mechanism from JDBM (???) to generic JDBC. Maybe this switch could be
KM> done at the same time with Geronimo refactorings and Geronimo
KM> persistance architecture could be used if it will be available at this
KM> time?

KM> What is the position of OpenJMS core developers about interoperability
KM> with Geromino and possible code bases merge? Is it possible to move
KM> OpenJMS to Apache?

KM> Is OpenJMS widely used as standalone product?

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