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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Updated JavaMail and Activation project files
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2003 12:42:17 GMT
> The initial build put the geronimo-javamail in its own holder, 
> presumably so that it would be easier to migrate into commons-javamail 
> at a later stage.

Changing the group id of the artifact is minor and does not make it any 
more difficult to migrate.  Again lets not worry about migration... it 
is way to early to think about this.

> At present, though, the situation is less than ideal: activation -> 
> geronimo-spec and javamail -> geronimo-javamail. That means you'd need 
> both the geronimo-spec and geronimo-javamail in order to use the 
> JavaMail APIs.

What? You referring to groups when you should be referring to artifacts 
as dependencies.  Groups only serve as organizational tools.

> So I wasn't doing it just because they were their own modules, but 
> because of the reusability of those generic components. I'd concur 
> that you wouldn't want (say) javax.servlet or javax.ejb outside of a 
> J2EE server, but JavaMail you might ...

They are already in there own modules and it does not matter to an 
external project what the end id of the dependency is.  Putting the 
JavaMail spec into the geronimo-javamail group does not make it any 
more (or less) difficult for a project to depend on it.  So for now 
everything under specs/ gets released in the geronimo-spec group.

Finally, I am not in favor of moving the JavaMail specs to Commons at 
this time and I believe that we should not even be thinking about it 
right now.  Sure someday another project might be created to hold all 
sorts of ASL impls of Sun specs, that does not mean that Commons will 
be the place.

It is too early to be thinking about moving anything to another 
project, so please lets drop it.


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