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From Ralph Apel <>
Subject Re: design docs
Date Sat, 23 Aug 2003 19:46:26 GMT
I am working on a maven-plugin based on the javadoc plugin but with a
custom doclet, which is able to generate Class Diagrams from the
sources. The base doclet is from and is well
documented there. Of course the default output doesn't show anything not
already contained in the java code. But there are 8 additional javadoc
tags which may be included in the source files to produce richer Class

@extends (for multiple inheritance)
@assoc (for associations)
@navassoc (for navigatable (directed) assoc relationships)
@has (for aggregation relationships)
@composed (for composition relationships)
@depends (for dependency relationships)

Obviously included are
classes and interfaces
attributes and operations
Java inheritance and interface implementation
types and visibility

Each of these may be conveniently hidden.

The base doclet produces output in the .dot graph format. There are
numerous tools for rendering of .dot graphs to bit mapped and vector
graphics formats, There is also at least one java open source project
dedicated to this purpose at
whose code might be integrated into the doclet setting.

I am about to submit a first version of maven-dotuml-plugin to the maven
project. It will certainly take revisions, improvements and practical
experience to fully integrate it into a project like geronimo.

Most of all,it would be necessary to include the apropriate javadoc tags
into the source files. I am ready to do the bulk work, but I'm not an
UML designer and I'm not sufficiently acquainted with the code. So I
would need at least some gross input to start with. 

Later, may be developers get used to express their design ideas in
javadoc tags.

There is still another obvious extension idea to these concepts. Instead
of generating Class Diagram Graphs, one might generate design metadata
(XMI) in a variety of XMI-dialects to be imported into certain UML
tools. But that is a further step.

For the time being, it would be nice to have at least some useful stuff
generated from the sources.

Ralph Apel

On Sat, 2003-08-23 at 17:49, n. alex rupp wrote:
> No problem--I'll answer that.  There are no design docs yet.  People can use
> whatever IDEs they want (I've heard Eclipse and IDEA) and Maven does lie at
> the core of the build process.  I'm going to work on some high level design
> documents for you guys, but it might take a couple of days (and some notes
> from Dain).  When they're ready, I'll add them to the website for you all to
> look at.
> I'll do what I can to help you guys out.  Sorry nobody responded earlier ;-)
> --
> N. Alex Rupp (
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> > é denys, a galera poderia ao menos responder....
> > sabe que ide estão utilizando? estou tentando configurar o eclipse, mas tá
> > brabo :) vc tem a manha de usar o maven? ´
> >
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