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From Ralph Apel <>
Subject [DOTUML] (was uml (was: documentation))
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2003 14:10:37 GMT
UmlGraph doesn't strictly depend on Graphviz,

it depends on *some* convenient .dot-renderer

Would be worth searching for a "Jdot" implementation.

Among other places, I found code at

described as 

> JzGraph is an open source Java package for hierarchical graph drawing
> based on the open source Graphviz tool with some nice additions like
> bus routing and attributed text labels (see screen-shots below).
> Input and output in Graphviz .dot text file format which is very
> simple to use.  Some extensions have been made to the .dot file output
> to accommodate for the bus routings and attributed text labels so it
> is not compatible with Graphviz and no effort has made to do so.  The
> demo also render graph output to .png file using the Java 1.4
> javax.imageio package.
> The source code is free, released under the GNU license unless
> overridden by the Graphviz source code license where it applies. 
> There are no warranty, liability or support from the author.  It is
> provided 'as is' and use it at your own risk.

The galleries
are impressing.

Ralph Apel

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