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Subject Re: RES: RES: "Virtual Hosting"
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 20:23:19 GMT
Quotes inline.


Citando Aaron Mulder <>:

> On Fri, 8 Aug 2003, Denes wrote:
> > I think that this can be solved or by assuming that this is an
> > administration issue or by creating some kind of proxy that will listen
> > in the default port and redirect the request to the proper service
> > implementation (can't tell if this can be done for all J2EE stack
> > components).
> 	Which reminds me, does anyone have any thoughts on the possibility
> and/or wisdom of multiplexing all network communication over a single
> port?  You know, HTTP, RMI, JNDI, IIOP, etc. all on the same port (sure, I
> have 7001 in mind)?  It makes it darn easy to configure, firewall, tunnel,
> etc. at the cost of (I assume) quite a bit of complexity in terms of 
> initially accepting the connection, figuring out the protocol, and sending 
> it to the proper handler.
> > AFAIK this can be done by the classloader hierarchy (as in Tomcat). So,
> > one could install the various J2EE components in a common place and
> > configure each server to use the implementation that it wants to.
> 	Yes.
> > Don't agree with the idea of installing the product twice because of the
> > common services configuration described above, and because this would be
> > a really ugly solution :), but I think that the two approaches can live
> > together with no problems.
> > 
> > Besides, I´m not arguing to separate the servers by separating the VMs
> > of each server, although this sound like a good solution to me, if the
> > VM's footprint don't become a issue to worry about. I'm just saying that
> > creating several server directories is better than assuming a
> > each-ear-is-a-separate-application policy or creating a config file to
> > say how the ears are grouped.
> 	Do you mean, for example, one VM, but 3 deploy dirs, and
> everything in a deploy dir is grouped together but separated from the rest
> of the "deployments", and all the deploy dirs are started when the server
> is started?  Then you can put one ear per deploy dir, or 10 EARs per 
> deploy dir, and it will just load things together which are located 
> together?  That makes sense to me.
> Aaron

Yes. This is exactly what I had in mind. Can't tell if it's the better 
approach, but can be done.


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