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From Ed Letifov <>
Subject [code-review] Caching
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 21:41:01 GMT
Hello Bruce, All.

BS> This could be refactored to make use of the JCache API when it is finally
BS> released. This would make this layer pluggable. For now, we can make
BS> use of the java.util.Map interface right now as that is very close the
BS> yet to be seen JCache API.

I've  decided  to  start with simplest things and have been looking at
the org.apache.geronimo.cache.SimpleInstanceCache.

Do we consider it a throw-away class or will it actually be used? What
bothers  me that there is no 'null' values control (not even commented
out   like  in  org.apache.geronimo.cache.LRUInstanceCache.Entry).  As
Cache  it  will  still perform it's role, caching and returning nulls,
but  IMHO  it  may lead to problems. Or is the 'raw out speed' the key
and the only goal here?

Best regards,

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