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From "Erin Mulder" <>
Subject Re: User Friendliness
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 17:42:05 GMT
I'm in favor of that too (both exploded deployments and pointers)

A lot of the commercial servers let you keep your components anywhere
on the local filesystem -- you just give it a filepath when you first deploy
and then update the files in place to hot deploy.   I've used that a lot in
development and it's pretty convenient.  Being able to also pull in EJBs
from a separate framework project would be very interesting.

Another thread talked about needing more than the "drop-in" deployment.
I think this pointer route should definitely be explored.

From: "Nicholas Barratt" <>
> Of course, for even more friendly configuration deployment, you don't
> want to have to build at all!  Supporting unpackaged jars/rars/ears/etc
> is part of the equation.  The other part (which I haven't seen in the
> past) is to allow an archive to be replaced by a pointer file.  This
> would alow me to have each of my J2EE components in a seperate project
> with no build step at all!  Just update and go.

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