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From Alex Blewitt <>
Subject Re: [jndi] Have we found a JNDI impl yet?
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2003 13:32:03 GMT
On Thursday, Aug 28, 2003, at 13:40 Europe/London, Jason Dillon wrote:

> I am trying to debug this space in the directory name problem, but I 
> am running into a wall because the problem occurs in Sun's JNDI impl & 
> I do not have sources to see what is going on.

Did you try using URIs as per the first e-mail I sent? They seemed to 
have no problem with spaces, and additionally can be plugged into a 
JNDI server.

> Are we closer to getting an open source JNDI impl?

Alex K is in the process of trying to get an open ldapd into the 
incubator process, which will provide a JNDI server. He can probably 
comment more on the status ATM, but it's available under (IIRC) an ASF 
Licence from, so it is a good possibility for the internal 

The process is currently at

I think it's still in an early phase at present, but it should be 
useable in the not too distant future.

Alex K, can you comment more to geronimo-dev about the status?


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