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From "James Hicks" <>
Subject RE: A bad idea
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 01:52:05 GMT
You are a walking contradiction.  You start by saying this is a bad idea
because there are already projects out there, but then you say J2EE
should be about choice.  Which one is it?  
Also, why is this not innovative?  Doesn't competition fuel innovation?

If the usr community did not ask for this, then why did I have 100+
emails today about geronimo?  If there are no interested parties, the
project will die by itself, so don't sweat it.
How does it waste resources?  Nobody is forcing you to contribute.
Tomcat and JSTL are not J2EE servers.
I do agree with you that ASF needs a C# section for projects.  If you
have an ASF License compatible C# project, why don't you propose it and
be the first?
James Hicks

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From: Vic Cekvenich [] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2003 7:50 PM
Subject: A bad idea

I just wanted to say that I think I think this project is a bad idea:
-There are open source J2EE proejcts out there already.
-This is not inovative.
-The user comunity did not ask for this.
-It wastes resources
-Tomcat 5 and JSTL are already doing a lot of this, J2EE should be about
pick and chose

<WILD: Guess= "Sun wants to use ASF to make EJB more important then it
is, and weaken JBoss.
I think Java-ASF and Sun should part ways:
They are trading near liquidation, the value of cash in bank. Java !=
SunW anymore. "/>
I think a C# section would be better for OS, to support projects like
N-Hibrenate and MavNet on Borland C#, which is a free download.
ASF has PHP, and HTTP is writen in C, so why not an ECMA standard C#
Is there someplace where a vote on this project can be seen? Even BOD
should show up on reports.
EJB should be allowed to die w/o artifical support.
Good luck,
It realy makes me wonder about ASF, last time they voted without comment
As per above I Quote: 
"though IBM and Motorola still voted no. There also appear to be some
disagreements within the JCP board about the licensing of these specs.
Sun apparently plans to charge a "Per unit royalty fee which will be
dependent on volume." 
Doug Lea voted with comment. 
Apache vote with Sun with YES, without comment this says. 
I am wondering why?
My project on is now a non ASF license, I am using open commons
license instead.

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