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From "Vikram Goyal" <>
Subject Re: Servlet and JSP engine
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2003 14:25:10 GMT
> The approach that I wish to take - is to firstly define geronimos own view
> what are web containers, connectors and applications and to capture that
> the AbstractWebContainer layer.  This will be focused on what geronimo
> as a complete J2EE engine and will not pander to any particular
> Then if the jetty/tomcat implementations of this are not suitable
> robust, modular and efficient - we can consider a geronimo native
> implementation.  I may even consider donating Jetty to apache to assist
> with this - but I think this is WAY too early to think about such things.

Excellent !! This is perhaps the best way to do this, although I still think
that the underlaying implementation should be from scratch. It is not Jetty
that we need to improve or fix but have geronimo be based on a clean,
separate and independent implementation.

> But I take your point - use of external implementations should not be
> allowed to be an excuse for not having a top class, seamlessly integrated
> J2EE compliant web tier withing geronimo.

Thanks. I am not trying to criticize the choices made, but simply trying to
understand them.

I would love to help you out with this implementation. Let me know where and
how to begin.


> regards

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