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From "Paolo Arvati" <>
Subject Re: [JNDI] [Config] Configuration: flat file or registry?
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 17:37:28 GMT
I'm a J2EE developer and my primary platform is IBM Websphere.
In Websphere 5 now you don't have DB for backend configuration (think about

I've worked with Websphere 4 (with Oracle repository/config) and
administration of it for the last 2 year.
However, I dont't like very much having a relational DB for the
configuration management.

Here my opinions on problems having a DB for repository and config:
1) Which relational DBMS could you support ? It is not a two minute work
supporting, testing and verifying.
2) Is it simple to install and configure the J2EE appserver or perhaps do
you have to master DBA and seurity concepts about chosen DBMS ?
3) How many sample.sql for first setup could you propose ? sampledb2.sql,
sampleOracle,sql, sampleMysql.sql ... clusterdb2.sql, clusterOracle,sql ....
4) For little projects, what do you do if you begin in having reliability
problems with communication between J2EE appserver and repository DBMS ?
5) In some companies you cannot choose a new DBMS: you must use the
corporate DBMS, known and skilled. Think about a new license of Oracle or
DB2 for a Geronimo appserver installation.
6) From DB to XML backup and from XML backup do DB is simple for every DBMS
? You don't loose anything ? Evaluate costs about development effort and
multi-platform and multi-architecture testing.

Only few problems I've directly seen on my dayly job.

Yes you could have flat/file and DBMS configuration at the same time,
however you don't resolve theese problems.

Best regards
Paolo Arvati

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