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From Laurent ForĂȘt <>
Subject General newbie question
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2003 08:00:02 GMT

First of all, I am presenting myself : I am a three years experienced in java and j2ee french
    I have learned recently the existence of this new project and I would like to collaborate,
so I began to read the J2EE specs.

    And I have a little question or remark :
    What are the specs implemented in this project, and why ?

    For example, I have seen some mails about the implementation of the Javamail spec. Is
it the right project for implementing this spec ? If we go further, in the javamail implementation
does it include the JAF spec ?
    From my point of view, I will see the implementation of these specs (Javamail, JAF) in
another Apache project (maybe subproject) like Xalan is for jaxp. 
And I think is to the geronimo project to decide which implementation to use.

    To be clear : one spec = one project.
    It will be more flexible.

Laurent ForĂȘt.

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