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From "Craig Miller" <>
Subject Re: [JMS] Geronimo Messaging Overview
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 02:42:25 GMT

    What form are you looking for the initial OpenJMS contributions to come
in?  I saw the earlier message from Tim A. that a good place to start would
be a JCA adapter for OpenJMS.  Has anyone begun this work?



----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Ed Curry" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2003 11:59 AM
Subject: [JMS] Geronimo Messaging Overview

> Just an overview of the the discussion on Messaging so far
> (I will place this on the wiki if there's no objections to it)
> <Overview>
> Provisional Plan
> ------------------
> MDBs
> -----
> Geronimo should support MDBs with pluggable message transport protocols
(JMS, email, ws, etc)
> JMS Provider
> -------------
> Short-Term
> Integrate OpenJMS has a lot of support as the desired JMS provider.
> Long-Term
> GeronimoMQ a JMS provider implemented using services from Geronimo such as
persistence, transactions, etc.
> TODO List
> ============-
> OpenJMS Integration
>   Implement JCA support in OpenJMS
> </Overview>
> GeronimoMQ Implementation Idea
> ---------------------------------------------
> Just an idea for the implementation of GeronimoMQ. We all know that
Geronimo will be the best J2EE server on the planet and i feel for any JMS
provider to the best it will need to reuse the services of geronimo   I'm
not familiar with the architecture of OpenJMS but if it does not already
support pluggable services such as transactions and persistence it could be
refactored to support such a design.  Once the geronimo services are ready
they would simple need to be plugged into OpenJMS and Vola! GeronimoMQ. (
I'm sure it will not be this simple, but you get the idea)
> This approach would allow developers who wish to contribute to GeronimoMQ
to start straight away by contributing to OpenJMS.
> Just an idea for discussion.  :-)
> Regards,
> Ed

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