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From "Jeremy Boynes" <>
Subject RE: [JNDI] Check-in of simple impl
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2003 04:28:20 GMT
> From: Gmane Remailer [] On Behalf 
> Of Greg Wilkins
> For the web container, it is pretty simple to setup a threadlocal
> on the way into a web application context.   However it is more tricky
> if a servlet from one context dispatches to another context - 
> as there may not be suitable cut points to put in geronimo 
> specific handling.

Do we need to switch JNDI context on dispatch? I thought that dispatch
was limited to the same (servlet) context which would imply the same
JNDI context (java:comp) This would mean setting up the ThreadLocal on
the way in would be enough.

Actually, I'm now thinking that it should be Inheritable - am I right in
thinking that, unlike EJBs, servlets are allowed to create threads?


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