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From "Denes" <>
Subject RES: J2EE deployment verifier
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 16:33:21 GMT
Hi All,
Trying to answer several messages about this thread in just one. Hope
that works.
- About using openEJB's validator:
          IMHO it's better to write Geronimo's own validator than use
openEJB's, unless someone thinks otherwise. The main reason is, as far
as I can see in the code, that openEJB's validator is created to be an
external tool, and the validator works only on the jar file of the ejb
- About all the discussion about the validator:
          First, I would like to say hi to Chris, Jonathan, Weston, Hari
and others (much replies while I was sleeping.). Sorry about loosing the
initial discussion but I think that I'm in disadvantage about time
          What I'm thinking about this module is that it should be only
an ear verification module, and not a deployer tool / API. It would be
used by the deployer tool to validate the archive, by the server to
revalidate the archive on startup and by any tool that wants to.
          I agree that this module will have to have a very easily
extensible/maintainable engine for the rules, as they will change a lot
on future. My belief now is that a simple Chain of Responsibility where
each J2EE rule that will be verified will have its own class will be
sufficient, but I'm thinking about the performance of this approach. 
          For the errors, I think that an object like the ActionError of
Struts will be more likeable to be easily incorporated by any tool that
will want to use the validator that an exception or a string message,
don't you think?
          I'm working on the class diagram of what I'm thinking, and I'm
intending to send it in an image format to the list in a few days to
discussion. Is that alright?
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De: James Strachan [] 
Enviada em: segunda-feira, 11 de agosto de 2003 03:42
Assunto: Re: J2EE deployment verifier

On Monday, August 11, 2003, at 06:03 am, Denes wrote:
Hi Folks,


I'm intending to begin writing something for the deployment verifier,
both to learn more about the specs and (hopefully) help with the


Some questions:


1. Is there anybody working on this issue?

2. Will this be based on openEJB's deployment verifier?

No idea. Could be?
3. Something that I never understood. As I don't have commit permission
on cvs, to whom I should send patches/codes that I create?

Just mail a patch to this list.


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