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From "Denes" <>
Subject RES: RES: RES: Dynamic proxies
Date Sat, 09 Aug 2003 19:15:58 GMT

> -----Mensagem original-----
> De: Jeremy Boynes []
> Enviada em: sábado, 9 de agosto de 2003 12:41
> Para:
> Assunto: RE: RES: RES: Dynamic proxies
> > 	One could argue that since the specs say you can only use local
> > interfaces for EJBs in the same EAR, you should put all the EJBs you
> want
> > local access to *in the same EAR*.  Sorry, couldn't resist.
> Are you sure? My belief is that ejb-link's are restricted to the same
> but local interfaces can be used to access anything in the same VM. "A
> local
> client is a client that is collocated in the same JVM with the session
> entity bean that provides the local client view and which may be
> coupled to the bean." [1]

Sorry folks, I replied the same quote... my mistake.

Anyway, you are right. In JBOSS, for example, you can get the local
interface of an EJB that is in another ear simply looking for the JNDI
name "local/<ejb-name>". Works fine, although I can't make a transaction
begins in an ejb in one ear and extends to an ejb of another ear. I
really miss this feature <<sigh...>>>.
> >
> > 	Another way to approach the deployment problem is to allow the
> > redeployment of JARs/WARs within an EAR.  I think JSR-88 allows for
> that,
> > and in general it should be possible to autodetect what's changed in
> > EAR (based on file sizes, dates, checksums, or something along those
> > lines).
> >
> I didn't think so. It says redeployment "is valid for TargetModuleIDs
> represent a root module. A root TargetModuleID has no parent." [2]
> [1] EJB 2.1 pp54
> [2] Deployment (JSR88) pp 23

Can you point me where the [2] document is? Thanks.


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