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From "Denes" <>
Subject RES: RES: RES: Dynamic proxies
Date Sat, 09 Aug 2003 19:08:29 GMT

> -----Mensagem original-----
> De: Aaron Mulder []
> Enviada em: sábado, 9 de agosto de 2003 11:12
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> Assunto: Re: RES: RES: Dynamic proxies
> On Sat, 9 Aug 2003 wrote:
> > 3. Could argue that since its in specs, I would like to have the
> choice...
> > (sorry, can´t resist :) )
> 	One could argue that since the specs say you can only use local
> interfaces for EJBs in the same EAR, you should put all the EJBs you
> local access to *in the same EAR*.  Sorry, couldn't resist.

As in EJB Specs v 2.0 (section 5.3):
"Session and Entity Beans may have local clients. A local client is a
client that is collocated in the same JVM session with the session or
entity bean that provides client view...."

Didn't found where it says about ears. I can be wrong because I didn't
find where an ear is specified. Gotta look in servlet specs as suggested
(thanks Craig Wohfell for the tip), but still had no time for that.

Anyway, this discussion is starting to become off-topic... I think that
the initial discussion was if each application should run in a separate
VM or in the same VM, and this is IMHO a really important issue.I Think
that if all applications will run in the same VM (I´m not defending this
approach, but is an alternative), a discussion about local interfaces
between different ears simply become pointless (just catch the local
reference in JNDI tree)... 

> 	Another way to approach the deployment problem is to allow the
> redeployment of JARs/WARs within an EAR.  I think JSR-88 allows for
> and in general it should be possible to autodetect what's changed in
> EAR (based on file sizes, dates, checksums, or something along those
> lines).

You will have to forgive me about this, but I never can find a JSR
document until it's published as a final specification. I try to look in
JCP site but simply couldn't find the document. I wish to read that JSR
for curiosity. Can you tell me where it is? I known that is a dumb
question, but simply don't understand how a JCP process really works...

> Aaron

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