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From "Thacker, Dharam" <>
Subject Proposal on new features [Json Extension]
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2017 08:33:13 GMT
Hi John & Team,

I would like to discuss about proposal for new feature with regards to JSON documents in GEODE
mainly intended for spring-data-geode.

What is available and trade offs?

I am aware of following ways but let me explain!

1.      Region <Serializable,PDXInstance> [JSONFormatter.fromJson(json)]

This is powerful api to store literally any JSON document into region without worrying about
underlying schema. But it comes up with several tradeoffs as explained below,

a.      As there is no entity defined pojo, one will not be able to take advantage of recent
pdx-jdbc  mappings possibly going to be part of Apache-Geode-1.4.0

b.      As it is PdxInstance, implementing "Delta" interface is tricky and complex to get
information on what has changed inside document.

c.       Colocation strategy is not possible as explained in "point - a" due to missing pojo/well
defined schema. One has to create REPLICATED REGION if he is intended to use "EQUI JOIN" with
other regions

d.      <There might be few more I am not aware of but you can help> :)

2.      <gfe-data:json-region-autoproxy/> [Useful when you know the schema and play
around with your entity objects]

Possibly using AOP but at high level it encapsulates "JSONFormatter" api but stricter part
"It needs entity/schema/pojo"

I also know about recent introduction of "@EnableEntityDefinedRegions" to avoid cumbersome
definition of all region beans in config.
I think that's an annotation which can help if extended to overcome above explained limitations
at some extent.

ð  Now a days lot of databases (Oracle 12c ,MariaDB 10.2 etc.) provides native support for
json storage and powerful json functions to query underlying data

ð  Even ORM frameworks works well and compatible enough as shown in below example,

class Customer {
          private String cid;
          private String customerDetails;

ð  As shown above, above class will be loaded with full json contents from database but now
there is complete disconnect with NO-SQL store to RDBMS system.

ð  There is no good way you can play around "customerDetails" json with nested structure
in Geode if you store your POJO as it is in "/Customer" region

ð  The way we use as of now [customerTemplate.put(customer.getCid(),JsonFormatter.fromJson(customer.getCustomerDetails())]

Possible Extension

ð  As per my understanding, I see that possibly extension of "@EnableEntityDefinedRegions"
could help here

ð  It would require few more hooks to properly auto convert @Lob in JPA vs @Json in GEODE
to auto convert it to PDXInstance when storing to region

ð  It would also require few more annotations to define co-location of similar regions so
that one can use all possible region types

Hope it makes sense!

Let us know your thoughts as well.

Thanks & Regards,

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