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From Anthony Baker <>
Subject Re: How to post-process data from Geode backup
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2019 15:47:40 GMT
Hmmm, good question.  If I’m reading the code right we skip exporting PDX types from an offline
disk store (because the cache is closed).  Since the export doesn’t contain any PDX type
definitions, they won’t get recreated during an import.

You could verify this by running “java org.apache.geode.internal.cache.snapshot.GFSnapshot
…” with the right class path / args and seeing if any PDX types are dumped to stdout.

I think this *could* be done with some changes to ExportDiskRegion and GFSnapshot but it doesn’t
look like it’s supported right now.

(Thinking bigger picture, I’d like to have better superuser commands to export/edit/import
the PDX registry as well)


> On Oct 2, 2019, at 1:20 AM, Mario Kevo <> wrote:
> Hi geode-dev,
> How to post-process data in a Geode backup, i.e. access the data in the
> regions stored in the backup?
> Assumption is that we cannot bring up the same cluster (otherwise we
> simply do the restore) but it helps if we have access to the original
> cluster (for the purpose of obtaining PDX registry). Since this is
> quite often not possible, procedure must work completely off-line.
> So, here goes:
> 1. Get the backup files.
> 2. Start up gfsh and using „export offline-disk-store“ command (once
> for each disk-store) obtain the GFD files for all regions in the disk
> stores. Note these GFD files (one per region) do not contain PDX
> registry! This is exactly opposite to „export data“ command (that is
> execute online).
> Do you have any idea how to load it into new cluster? Is it possible?
> Is this problem with „export offline-disk-store“?
> BR,
> Mario

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