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From Nicholas Vallely <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Geode dependency update process (review by 8/28/2019)
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2019 16:22:28 GMT

Here is the content of the wiki proposal above for a discussion:

We recently updated the dependencies for the log4j version used in Geode to
keep up with Spring Boot Data Geode's logging dependencies. As far as I
know, we do not have a process to keep dependencies up to date or regularly
scheduled updates to them. Currently, I believe this is handled ad-hoc
which hasn't necessarily caused any major issues but could.

*Directly after GA release of Geode minor version:*
The release manager for the most recently released version of Geode would
review any dependencies in the Geode project (presumably this will/could be

   - For a minor release, only minor version dependency updates should be
   - For a major release, major versions should be considered

The release manager would submit a PR to update dependencies and then the
community should pitch in to tackle any subsequent issues that arise from
the updating of dependencies. *Note the first time this happens maybe

*In-between releases:*
We keep doing what we are doing:

   - Ad-hoc dependency updates as necessary

*When a new release manager is chosen:*
The release manager would send out an email as the last call for dependency
updates that would coincide with a proposed release branch cut date. This
would give everyone a reminder that if they need to update a dependency
prior to the release there is limited time left in order to do so.
Changes and Additions to Public Interfaces

Performance Impact

*Potentially a new version of a dependency could cause a performance impact
and we should run a performance test suite on the recently released version
vs the updated dependency version*
Backwards Compatibility and Upgrade Path

*In a minor release, minor version dependency updates shouldn't cause
compatibility issues.*
Prior Art

*What would be the alternatives to the proposed solution? What would happen
if we don’t solve the problem? Why should this proposal be preferred?*

*If we continue to do this ad-hoc, there is a greater likelihood of CVE's
or mismatching versions of conflicts between Geode and dependent projects.*


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