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From Udo Kohlmeyer <>
Subject Re: Proposal to include GEODE-7088 and GEODE-7089 in 1.10.0
Date Mon, 26 Aug 2019 22:17:29 GMT
In order to better understand this request:

Is this an existing issue?

Why is it more critical to squeeze it into an existing (almost release) 
version of Apache Geode?

What guarantees do we have that this fix makes the application more 
stable compared to adding another hidden issue, which we will discover 
in another few weeks from now?


On 8/26/19 3:10 PM, Ryan McMahon wrote:
> Hi all,
> I would like to propose cherry-picking GEODE-7088 and GEODE-7089 to the
> 1.10.0 release branch.  The two JIRAs are related to the same root problem,
> which I would classify as critical.  We discovered a case where a failed
> client registration could lead to a memory leak in a server, eventually
> causing the server to crash due to lack of memory.
> The issue is instigated by a ConcurrentModificationException due to
> iteration of a non-thread safe collection while it is being mutated
> (GEODE-7088).  This exception occurs when the client's queue image is being
> copied from one server to the next during client registration, and it
> causes the client's registration to fail.  The client would likely succeed
> if it retried registration with that same server, but if it registers with
> a different server, we end up leaking events to the client's registration
> queue on the original server (GEODE-7089).
> The fix for GEODE-7088 is to use thread-safe collections for interested
> clients in client update messages.  The fix for GEODE-7089 is to always
> drain and remove the registration queue regardless of success or failure.
> Together, these fixes prevent the failed registrations and memory leak.
> The SHAs for the fixes and tests in develop are:
> GEODE-7088
> - 174af1d23fb7e09eb2bc2fa55479df854850fadb
> - 5bb753a8f4ff2886acd8e62d6f51fea58e37881d
> GEODE-7089
> - 5d0153ad4adb1612a1083673f98b1982819a6589
> This proposal is to cherry-pick these commits to 1.10.0 release branch.
> Thanks,
> Ryan McMahon

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