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From John Blum <>
Subject [RELEASE] Spring for Apache Geode Release & Feature Update
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2019 23:25:16 GMT
Greetings Apache Geode community-

I wanted to take this opportunity and let you all know about the recent
developments in the *Spring* ecosystem as it relates to Apache Geode for
all you *Spring* users out there.


1. *Spring Data for Apache Geode* (SDG) Lovelace-SR9 (2.1.9.RELEASE) along
with SDG Moore-RC1 (2.2.0.RC1) are now available.  SDG handles all your
data management needs (e.g. data access).

Notable changes include:

1.1. DATAGEODE-168 - Adds support to configure GatewayReceivers with the
Annotation-based configuration model. [1]

-- Thank you *Udo Kohlmeyer* for the PR.

1.2. DATAGEODE-183 - Upgrades SDG Moore to Apache Geode 1.9.0. [2]

1.3. DATAGEODE-184 - Applies RegionConfigurers to Caching-defined *Regions*.

1.4. DATAGEODE-187 - Ability to configure and bootstrap dedicated
Locator, *Spring
(Boot)* applications using the new @LocatorApplication annotation. [4]

1.5. DATAGEODE-190 - Adds support for configuring the SSL default context
provided by the JRE. [5]

-- Thank you *Srikanth Manvi* for the PR.

1.6. DATAGEODE-192/194 - Adds support for securing (HTTPS) and
authenticating the HTTP connection as well as following HTTP redirects.
[6], [7]

1.7. Usual dependency updates aligning with *Spring Boot* 2.1 and 2.2,

See the *changelog* [8] for complete details.

2. *Spring Session for Apache Geode* (SSDG) 2.1.4.RELEASE and 2.2.0.M2
available.  SSDG handles all your (HTTP) Session state caching needs.

Notable changes include:

2.1. Issue #38 - Adds support to disable client subscriptions and interests
registrations to minimize the network traffic between client & server. [9]

2.2. Issue #39 - Adds support for SessionChangeEvents (not provided in the
core Spring Session framework itself).

2.3. The usual dependency updates aligning with *Spring Boot* 2.1 and 2.2,

3. *Spring Test for Apache Geode* (STDG) 0.0.5.RELEASE.  STDG can be used
for all your *Unit & Integration* testing needs with Apache Geode in a
*Spring* context.

Notable changes include:

3.1. ICYMI, Adds support for mock *Region* data and mocking basic *Region*
operations (e.g. *get* & *put*). [10]

-- This is particularly useful when testing your application SD[G]
*Repositories* and performing basic CRUD data access operations.

3.2. Adds support for calling your custom application callbacks (e.g.
CacheLoader, CacheWriter and CacheListeners) from a *mock* Region. [11]

3.3. Adds support asserting application log statements. [12]

4. *Spring Boot for Apache Geode* (SBDG) 1.0.1.RELEASE and 1.1.0.M3
available. SBDG just makes everything easier to do when building *Spring*
applications using Apache Geode.

Notable changes include:

4.1. Issue #36 - Adds Spring Boot Starters for STDG. [13]

4.2. Issue #38 - Adds Spring Boot Starters for SSDG. [14]

4.3. Issue #40 - Auto-configuration for logging. [15]

4.4. Issue #26 - Adds dedicated support for *Inline Caching* based on SD
Repositories. [16]

-- See Documentation [17] for more details.

4.5. Issue #31 - Auto-configures templates for all configured Geode
Regions. [18]

-- See Documentation [19] for more details.

4.6. Issue #33 - Adds support to deploy Spring Boot, Apache Geode apps to
Pivotal CloudFoundry, but connect those apps to a externally managed,
standalone Apache Geode cluster. [20]

See *changelog* [21] for complete details.


As you can see, much is happening in the *Spring* ecosystem revolving
around Apache Geode.

If you are wondering where to start, start with Spring Boot (i.e. SBDG).
It is the simplest way to get started quickly and reliably.

As always, feedback is most welcomed and appreciated.




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