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From Anthony Baker <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] require reviews before merging a PR
Date Fri, 31 May 2019 20:15:21 GMT
I’m glad you raised this question because without it we wouldn’t have asked ourselves “What
makes a good code review, when is it needed, and who should participate?”.  

Thank you!


> On May 31, 2019, at 12:44 PM, Owen Nichols <> wrote:
> I have learned that other than the required quarterly report to the board, just about
everything else about being an Apache project is just guidelines, not hard requirements. 
I was confused because we do adhere rigorously to every other voting guideline on;
now I understand that is by choice and not because Apache “requires” it.  
> Thank you for all the responses on this thread.  It seems like the consensus is that
we’ve struck an appropriate balance already (and in particular regard to reviews, that we
can trust committers to seek an appropriate amount of review based on the nature and scope
of a PR).
> I will not seek a vote on enforcing a requirement of 1 (or more) reviews before a PR
can be merged, since some valid scenarios were raised where 0 reviews prior to merge could
be appropriate.
>> On May 31, 2019, at 9:01 AM, Jacob Barrett <> wrote:
>>> On May 31, 2019, at 8:52 AM, Owen Nichols <> wrote:
>>> Apache requires 3 reviews for code changes. Docs and typos likely would not
>>> fall under that heading.
>> Where is this listed  as a requirement? The link you sent before offered guidance
on common policies within the organization.

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