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From Owen Nichols <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] run Windows tests concurrently with Linux tests in main pipeline
Date Fri, 17 May 2019 00:37:26 GMT
Since this [DISCUSS] topic did not attract any opinion, this change was incorporated into “make
windows gating” PR since otherwise substantial
extra changes would have been needed to avoid creating a circular dependency.

The super-tall main pipeline view that would result is mitigated by the “JDK 11 only”
PR which hides JDK8 tests in the main view to restore

> On May 15, 2019, at 6:18 PM, Owen Nichols <> wrote:
> Currently we wait to run the Windows tests for a commit until all the Linux tests have
passed.  This results in unnecessarily long feedback time to know if a commit passed on Windows.
> The only benefit of staggering is a small efficiency in resource usage when a breaking
commit is merged to develop, but optimizing for failure seems unproductive when our intent
is to maintain a healthy CI pipeline.
> On the other hand if we want to embrace staggering to optimize resource usage on failure,
then we should also split up JDK8 and JDK11 into two stages rather than run them concurrently...

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