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From Jacob Barrett <>
Subject [Discuss] Removal of Thread Local Connection Pooling
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2019 13:34:04 GMT

The current connection pooling implementation contains a setting that enables a secondary
pool that is thread local. See ClientCacheFactory. setPoolThreadLocalConnections method for
details. This thread local pooling was added to reduce contention on the primary connection
pool under high thread count or load. As of the completion of GEODE-6515 there is no longer
a contention issue in the primary pool under high thread count or load, effectively rendering
thread local pooling a no-op. Thread local pooling also introduces many complexities into
the primary pool management of connections since a connection can either be in the primary
pool or a pool for each thread. Connection idle timeout, lifetime expiration and load conditioning
all have to work around thread local connections making for some interesting relationships
and behavior. Additionally clients of thread local connections needed to call Pool.releaseThreadLocalConnections
prior to the thread terminating or connections would be held until the GC finalized the thread
local storage. Use of thread local connections typically mean significantly high connection
counts on the servers since each thread could horde connections to each server regardless
of current workload need.

I propose that we deprecate all the public APIs for thread local connections and immediately
remove the behavior. The API methods will go from an effective no-op to an actual no-op. A
warning will be logged when ClientCacheFactory. setPoolThreadLocalConnections is used. Internally
all thread local connection implementation will be removed. The net effect to the client will
be the same as promised with thread local connections, that content on the primary pool is
reduced for high thread count and load. Additionally, the connection count to each server
will be reduced since threads won’t be holding connections to servers they are not actively
communicating with. All in all this will be a net-positive improvement for the consuming client
and the distributed system as a whole. Internally this will be huge win as it removes complexity
and opens a path to removing even more complexity in idle connection timeouts, connection
lifetime expiration, and load conditioning. Please see GEODE-6594 for more details.

I realize this is sort of a grey area. An obvious questions is, “doesn’t this violate
semver by removing a feature in a minor?” My answer is a solid, “nope!” The feature
is defined as “reducing contention on the connection pool”, which is provided now by default
in the refactored connection pool. All that is being done is deprecating and warning that
a useless API is being removed in the next major release. The feature remains intact and client
code does not need to be re-compiled or changed. 

I would love to hear if anyone has any concerns, questions or dissenting opinions about this
proposal. PR 3394 has been opened for review of the code changes related to the removal. Please
provide feedback in the PR relating only to the code and discussions about the merits of he
proposal here in this email thread.


GEODE-6515 - <>
GEODE-6594 - <>
PR 3394 - <>

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