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From anjana_nair <>
Subject Re: Adding index for Like operartor
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2018 04:37:13 GMT
Thank you Jason.

I have one more question related to this.

I have two options / object structures for storing and retrieving objects.

First one .

Storing objects like   : {key :"ConstantString_randomString", List<Objects>
and then use queries with like "ConstantString_%" where function index is
applied on key field.


second option:

Storing objects like : {key :UUID, ConstantString, List<GemFireObject>
objects}   and I can apply both PDX serialization and index(range index)  on
field constantString  and use == for retrieving objects.

which approach is faster ? first one using LIKe query or second one where ==
is used ? 

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