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From Bruce Schuchardt <>
Subject Re: [Discussion] Improving Spotless to be Even More Beautiful
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2018 16:04:37 GMT

On 3/19/18 2:51 PM, Patrick Rhomberg wrote:
> Hello all!
>   I'm making another pass at patching up some of our smellier broken
> windows, to mix metaphors.  To that end, there are a few things I'd like to
> add to spotless to more closely enforce adherence to our own style guide.
> I'd like to do the following to our spotless:
> - Bump spotless to the newest version, enabling some of the features below
> - Have spotless only run spotless on files that have changed (Yay, slightly
> faster builds!)
> - Have spotless perform the following spotless tasks:
> --- Remove unused imports.
> --- Prohibit wildcard imports, which may require manual expansion by the
> developer.  (But, in fairness, you shouldn't be using wildcard imports
> anyway.)
> --- Remove trivial javadoc stubs that are implicit in the method signature
> (e.g., "@param p" with no description of what p actually is).
> --- Remove empty javadocs and block comments.
> This will again touch a great many files, so it should be targeted for
> immediately following a release, perhaps the impending 1.5.  It can pretty
> easily be exploded into several commits across each subproject and task for
> ease of review.
> Thoughts?
> Imagination is Change.
> ~Patrick Rhomberg

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