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From Rupert St John Webster <>
Subject C# native client problem
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2018 09:30:09 GMT
Dear All,

Per I have a C# class Geode.cs that sets up
a native client local cache, pool and region and does some work.

I want to reuse the class and have 2 or more local caches that do work (ultimately to have
different callbacks<>)
but very simply like in the Program.cs

new Geode();
new Geode();

The 2nd time around to create a new local cache and find the server connection pool is fine,
but to initialise a region at the following code:

IRegion<string, string> test = rf.SetPoolName("myPool").Create<string, string>("test");

I get the error:


I have attached a simple test program to show this. Please can you let me know what’s wrong?

Thanks 😊

Kind regards

Rupert St John Webster
FX Consultant
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