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From Roi Apelker <>
Subject Question regarding node failure scenario
Date Sun, 23 Jul 2017 13:04:06 GMT
Hi,  (Bear with me I am a bit new here :))

I have the following scenario, I wonder if anyone can comment on it - is it a known issue,
maybe it was solved already in later version, etc. (I am using version 1.0.0)
Or maybe you can point me to somewhere in the code.
I have posted this question once before (thanks Dan S. for relating to it), however I was
away for 3 weeks therefore posting again.

- I have a replicated Node, say N1 and its replicated N2 (N2 gets activated when N1 is down)
and they are configured to send updates via continuous query to my process which then reports
on these updates.

- N1 is working all the time and serves as a server, and data is written to it continuously
from external clients. If 1000 events are written to N1, the final report I am referring to
will indicate 1000.

- When N1 gets killed for any reason, the client connects to N2 which continues to send the
continuous query results. 

- But sometimes, the report is inaccurate, e.g. after running 1000 events, my report says
950, as if some events of the continuous query do not reach the client (the actual data does
arrive its destination, just the report is qrong)

The fact is, that the report is not accurate, and I only assume that something is wrong in
the update mechanism, somewhere in the area of continuous query, or somewhere in the replication
between the nodes.

Right now, the parameter of subscription-redundancy is not configured. But subscription-enabled="true"

What is the significance of not configuring the subscription-redundancy ? does it mean that
client disconnection may cause continuous query events to be discarded?
And if so, is it "may be discarded" or "will be discarded", meaning, will the result be always
the same or not?


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