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From Barry Oglesby <>
Subject Re: Query for JMX "Async Event Queue properties"
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2017 20:43:52 GMT
The AsynceEventQueueMBean is monitoring the AsyncEventQueueStats not the
PartitionedRegionStats. And, actually, the only stat being monitored by
that MBean is the eventQueueSize stat. The parallel AsyncEventQueue creates
a colocated PartitionedRegion under the covers, and the stats for that PR
are the PartitionedRegionStats you referenced. There isn't currently any
JMX support for those PartitionedRegionStats.

Are you looking to add support for those PartitionedRegionStats to the
AsynceEventQueueMBean? If so, I guess there are a few ways to do. The first
would be to find the underlying PartitionedRegion for the parallel
AsyncEventQueue, add its PartitionedRegionStats to the
AsyncEventQueueMBeanBridge's monitor and reference the appropriate one(s)
(in your case dataStoreBytesInUse). Another would be to actually create an
MBean for that internal PartitionedRegion.

Both of these would only be applicable for a parallel AsyncEventQueue.
Serial AsyncEventQueues don't create a PartitionedRegion.

Barry Oglesby

On Fri, Jun 16, 2017 at 5:38 AM, Dinesh Akhand <> wrote:

> Hi Team
> Regarding the following metrics:
> /AsyncEventQueue_XYZ_PARALLEL_GATEWAY_SENDER_QUEUE:PartitionedRegionStats.
> dataStoreEntryCount
> /AsyncEventQueue_XYZ_PARALLEL_GATEWAY_SENDER_QUEUE:PartitionedRegionStats.
> dataStoreBytesInUse
> I found only count for async queue in JMX , it called here EventQueueSize
> = PartitionedRegionStats.dataStoreEntryCount
> /** AsyncEventQueue Stats **/
>   public static final String ASYNCEVENTQUEUE_EVENTS_QUEUE_SIZE =
> "eventQueueSize"
> we having Missing  PartitionedRegionStats.dataStoreBytesInUse in JMX for
> Async Qeueue.
> Can you help me , which property I need to map for it.
> Thanks,
> Dinesh Akhand
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