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From Jared Stewart <>
Subject Re: Finer grained security
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2017 21:59:32 GMT

I think it would also be a good idea to move the current operations permitted by CLUSTER:MANAGE
( stop server, alter runtime, etc) to require the more specific CLUSTER:MANAGE:MEMBER in order
to avoid ambiguity.  (This is not a breaking change since CLUSTER:MANAGE implies CLUSTER:MANAGE:MEMBER.)

> On Apr 25, 2017, at 2:48 PM, Swapnil Bawaskar <> wrote:
> In our current security model, a user with DATA:MANAGE can create regions,
> create disk stores, WAN gateways etc. I think this is a very wide scope,
> because an administrator may want to give create region privilege to a
> developer, but not necessarily give them the ability to create disk stores
> or send the data in that region over WAN. I propose that we refine the
> security model to make it finer grained.
> I propose that Disk, WAN and AsyncQueue be treated as resources in the
> security framework. These resources will be controlled at the CLUSTER
> level. As with any other resource, admins will be able to grant READ, WRITE
> and MANAGE permissions to these resources. In terms of shiro, this will
> Here is how it will work out for each resource:
> 1. CLUSTER:MANAGE:DISK - allows users to create/manage disk stores
> 2. CLUSTER:WRITE:DISK - allows users to create regions that write/overflow
> to disk stores
> 3. CLUSTER:READ:DISK - should be covered by DATA:READ, does not make sense
> here
> WAN:
> 1. CLUSTER:MANAGE:WAN - allows users to create gateway senders and receivers
> 2. CLUSTER:WRITE:WAN - allows users to create regions that write data to
> gateway senders
> 3. CLUSTER:READ:WAN - allows users to create regions that read data from
> gateway receivers
> We can add other things like functions here as well.
> Thoughts?

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