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From Kirk Lund <>
Subject Revert three of my commits from today
Date Tue, 05 Jan 2016 00:41:18 GMT
*I pushed three commits that are now causing problems with the
distributedTest task. I want to revert these so I have more time to figure
out what's wrong. (They were originally part of feature/GEODE-217 and I've
been trying to commit the changes from that branch to develop in much
smaller pieces).*

*Below are the three commits I think I should revert:*

*1) 18a17d787bcf69179d1bdeb015f33141d5d8486b*

commit 18a17d787bcf69179d1bdeb015f33141d5d8486b
Author: Kirk Lund <>
Date:   Mon Jan 4 14:14:12 2016 -0800

    GEODE-715: Fix import that was broken in merge to develop

*2) c57a88c6f2437a8d74f51abbe2edc3355eb1806b*

commit c57a88c6f2437a8d74f51abbe2edc3355eb1806b
Author: Kirk Lund <>
Date:   Mon Dec 28 15:10:27 2015 -0800

    GEODE-715: Move dunit.standalone under com.gemstone.gemfire.test

    * Move dunit.BounceResult and dunit.RemoteDUnitVMIF to dunit.standalone
    * Move dunit.standalone to com.gemstone.gemfire.test.dunit.standalone
    * Remove hydra dependencies from
    except for MethExecutor

*3) ca6148aa99faf8fcb278fd7a840f69f622e6fc3f*

commit ca6148aa99faf8fcb278fd7a840f69f622e6fc3f
Author: Kirk Lund <>
Date:   Mon Dec 28 13:44:38 2015 -0800

    GEODE-714: Modify all tests to use JUnit Categories

    * Add DistributedTest @Category to DistributedTestCase

    * Rename disabled tests and use @Ignore instead.

    * Add PerformanceTest @Category to performance tests.

    * Disable performance tests that perform no assertions.

    * Modify build to check all tests for categories.

    * Modify build to use **/*Test.class pattern for all testing tasks.

*Here's the commands I executed to revert the commits and the order in
which I have executed them:*

$ git revert 18a17d787bcf69179d1bdeb015f33141d5d8486b
$ git revert c57a88c6f2437a8d74f51abbe2edc3355eb1806b
$ git revert ca6148aa99faf8fcb278fd7a840f69f622e6fc3f

$ git status
On branch develop
Your branch is ahead of 'origin/develop' by 3 commits.

$ git log

commit cb7dbd0b77507ed383e37eb7dd0925533d6dcbcf
Author: Kirk Lund <>
Date:   Mon Jan 4 16:28:38 2016 -0800

    Revert "GEODE-714: Modify all tests to use JUnit Categories"

    This reverts commit ca6148aa99faf8fcb278fd7a840f69f622e6fc3f.

commit dfba327e3060d20dee55d2ae97ed0f299e241cd5
Author: Kirk Lund <>
Date:   Mon Jan 4 16:28:15 2016 -0800

    Revert "GEODE-715: Move dunit.standalone under

    This reverts commit c57a88c6f2437a8d74f51abbe2edc3355eb1806b.

commit a8262812a0c85163b21eeaf0e34cff6af0b15d70
Author: Kirk Lund <>
Date:   Mon Jan 4 16:27:18 2016 -0800

    Revert "GEODE-715: Fix import that was broken in merge to develop"

    This reverts commit 18a17d787bcf69179d1bdeb015f33141d5d8486b.

*Please, let me know if you think this is ok to push.*


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