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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Last code drop from Pivotal (SGA #2)
Date Fri, 03 Jul 2015 19:38:04 GMT

Pivotal is happy to announce the donation of remaining geode code
that was unable to make into the initial contribution. This will be the
last set of geode code donated as a large chunk from Pivotal. At this
point all future geode development will be done through the normal
apache process.

SGA for this code has been accepted by the ASF secretary and
the code itself now sits in a separate branch named sga2. We
would like to encourage all of the Geode community to start
familiarizing themselves with these additions to the code base.
Our hope is to solicit as much feedback as possible and then,
based on that feedback, start merging into the develop branch
either directly or via feature branches. Even though this looks
like a gigantic code drop (which it is ;-)) we sincerely hope to
integrate it back into our code base following "Apache Way"
as closely as possible. After all, the fact that a piece of code
now sits in the sga2 branch doesn't mean it'll get into develop
unmodified (or at all!). Please help us make the most of it,

There's a lot of good stuff in this donation. It contains features that were
in development on other branches, as well as several geode utilities an
integrations. The pieces are listed under GEODE-8:
   * Off heap data storage
   * Spark Integration
   * HDFS Integration
   * The pulse monitoring tool
   * Hibernate L2 cache
   * HTTP session management module
   * logcollector
   * databrowser
   * Lucene Integration (work in progress)
   * Distributed transactions in Geode (work in progress)
   * JVSD (work in progress)
   * A large number of tests

That last bullet point is especially good news, because now we finally
have the tests available to start breaking things!

Several of the utilities such as pulse, hibernate, etc. came from different
repositories with different build structures. Those builds need to be
integrated into the gradle build before those bits get merged to develop.
For now they can be split out into feature branches.

Darrel has kindly volunteered to do the initial work to split this code drop
into some feature branches and get the core code merged to develop.
Expect to see some email from him about how this code is split up and
what needs help.

If any of you guys feel like helping -- that would be very
much appreciated. We also plan to host a few Geode
clubhouse events to help with technology on-boarding.
Stay tuned for that.


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