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Subject [geode-benchmarks] branch feature/GEODE-6332 created (now a1cfcc7)
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2019 00:21:32 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

nnag pushed a change to branch feature/GEODE-6332
in repository

      at a1cfcc7  GEODE-6332: Add function execution benchmarks.

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new a1a5127  Initial commit
     new 9277ed6  Simple example of jclouds
     new 72eb78f  Dump of basic infrastructure to run a declarative test
     new 404bf58  Cleaning up JCloudsInfraManager
     new 80f34cc  Start of trying to copy files to node
     new 75e3493  Getting copying files to node to work correctly
     new 495623e  Cleaning up javadocs
     new 0c1b04b  Start of trying to create actual geode benchmarks with framework
     new d07f826  Getting harness to run benchmarks using yardstick
     new 6a2b696  Parameterizing the wait time and duration of the benchmark workload
     new 995c1fe  Adding a unit test of TestRunner
     new ff08f80  Adding a test of LocalInfraStructure
     new 54373c2  Copying test results off of nodes
     new 4b223c1  Start of a real GCP infrastructure class
     new b44f3e9  Fixing compilation error
     new ea009c7  Trying to configure private key for ssh
     new 7884138  Implement copyFromNodes for google cloud.
     new 9daea93  Making onNode return a future
     new d50a465  Start of ssh infra manager
     new b85fada  Got ssh infra manager working in test
     new 65d734b  Reenabling copying to nodes
     new ede704d  Testing SshInfraManager with real benchmark
     new 4a36d65  Adding some log statements
     new 51cd786  Removing jclouds
     new 17a91f0  Adding a test of JVMManager
     new a3eca16  Adding a test runner to pass in host names as a parameter
     new 2995f1b  Making sure ChildJVMs exit
     new c4fd87e  Cleaning up ChildJVM exit and output
     new 7e85805  Logging file copy commands
     new d61d117  Cleaning up class path copying
     new c387d5b  More logging
     new 869e74e  Locator string needs to have just the hostname
     new 5fab19d  Increasing the timeout to wait for workers to start
     new 85b5724  Turning on debug logging for sshj random number generation
     new b587564  Using a single instance of RandomFactory
     new 7f6bab5  Copying files to nodes in parallel
     new ec04e0d  Changing the PartitionedPutBenchmark to run for a longer time
     new 73f9644  Adding more sensors to default benchmark run.
     new a1d71fe  Adding a README
     new 6437cfc  Making sure harness tests clean up
     new df99129  Adding a travis.yml file
     new 62cea31  Run on localhost if no TEST_HOSTS are specified
     new d139f17  Adding rat
     new 25cfe24  Adding license headers
     new cbeff11  Converting static YardstickUtil to a class
     new 9bca9f9  Moving the duration parameters to the TestConfig
     new d775c5a  Preserving the order of nodes
     new f7eb27f  Enabling Geode statistics for all members
     new 8519740  Updating the javadocs for TestConfig
     new ccf0463  Renaming *Manager to *Factory
     new ceebd46  Encapsulating the details of the TestRunner
     new 30fc035  Increasing test coverage with additional unit tests
     new 3c7d5fc  Adding a unit test for ChildJVM
     new 0888f30  Adding more unit tests of RemoteJVMFactory
     new 4497cf8  Creating a separate benchmark gradle task
     new 0f2b45c  Adding parser objects which know how to read in csv files for yardstick
latencyThroughput and percentile sensors.  These parser also know some useful analysis for
their particular data (average throughput and finding percentile points respectively).
     new 4133c35  Merge branch 'master' of
     new c9cb173  Support for building a docker image suitable for use with Travis.
     new cb568fa  Finish up travis support.
     new f4ab725  YAML is hard.
     new d9da1db  Disable strict host checking, when sshing into the testing image.
     new ecaea01  Merge pull request #1 from upthewaterspout/feature/travis
     new 5d5a084  Changing the API for running the benchmarks
     new 9b33cf7  Adding LICENSE and NOTICE
     new 178ad74  Adding new class to evaluate a test run against a baseline
     new 96d80c3  Cleaning up benchmark output directory
     new d522735  Adding a small get benchmark.
     new 9bd87ab  Cleaning lib directory between runs
     new 9bba15d  Encapsulating Infrastructure in RemoteJVMFactory
     new 0c1b83b  Refactoring how context is passed to a task
     new 3711a4f  Setting the output directory for each ChildJVM
     new a9226a3  Adding a property to set the outputDir through gradle
     new f238dca  Merge pull request #2 from upthewaterspout/feature/dir_per_benchmark
     new 8699d66  Making ChildJVMs exit gracefully
     new 27ce719  GEODE-6086: Looking for the output files in the correct location
     new 18e309d  Use a Java ssh server rather than docker for tests
     new d0675fd  Change project name to geode-benchmarks.
     new 392ecd9  Adding scripts to automate launching VMs in google cloud
     new a79c5da  Checking out and building geode as part of
     new ab86586  GEODE-6081: Probe that uses HdrHistogram
     new 74db5df  Consistently disabling cluster configuration
     new b536d69  Scripts to run benchmarks against a baseline version of geode
     new 4d98bf1  Pointing to the README in the google cloud directory
     new 30ae13c  GEODE-6086: Adding a tool to allow command line analysis of test runs (#7)
     new 781fc54  Clean up prerequisites documentation.
     new 84290bd  Fixing probe not being reset between benchmarks.
     new b28bb40  GEODE-6086: Handling multiple clients in HdrHistogramProbe
     new a0e70b7  GEODE-6086: Change RunAnalyzer to return result object.
     new c21f92f  Sorting the benchmark names in the analysis results
     new f40d478  GEODE-6084: Adding mulitple key put and get benchmark.
     new 09d8c8c  Merge pull request #10 from nabarunnag/feature/GEODE-6084
     new a4f752e  Removing accidentally checked in build artifacts
     new d473026  Merge pull request #8 from smgoller/update_prequisites
     new 26f1c40  Allowing JVM options to be set by test
     new c1bdf62  Removing unused parameters
     new b5ec91d  Adding build directories to .gitignore
     new b5bd358  GEODE-6084: Fixing the name of the benchmarks
     new ee9af19  Actually flushing the results from the analyzer
     new d62e45e  Changing benchmarks to run for 5 minutes
     new e061cad  GEODE-6106: Adding spotless and rat to the benchmark build. (#11)
     new 325f07b  Merge branch 'feature/5_min_benchmarks' into develop
     new 904dec5  Tweaking the output format of the analyzer
     new 7a5778a  Reducing the number of servers from 4 to 2.
     new 5b23f49  GEODE-6116: Set JVM flags on the VMs. (#12)
     new 268d358  Renamed the packages and parameter class
     new 05c82aa  Removed an unknown JVM parameter
     new 3d09c6a  Revert "Removed an unknown JVM parameter"
     new 2081101  Removed unsupported JVM parameter.
     new e146df2  Changed the way lib directories are created.
     new ef2e72f  GEODE-6145: Allow multiple results for a single probe analyzer (#14)
     new eb4dcab  Ignoring extra hosts in SshInfrastructure
     new 16047b2  Convert to sole tenant style cluster.
     new 0ee9ec6  Merge pull request #15 from smgoller/sole-tenant
     new fdc39c4  Fixing the warnings mentioned by LGTM. (#17)
     new 8a03133  GEODE-6084: Refactored the benchmark code as per review. (#16)
     new 0e27796  Adding the badges for the build, lgtm and license.
     new fc91b8c  Don't prompt for input when destroying GCP cluster
     new 3ddc401  GEODE-6084/6085: New benchmarks
     new c34cb98  GEODE-6163: fix the argument handling in the benchmark run analyzer (#18)
     new 8b0cfbd  GEODE-6141: Fork benchmarks for every run
     new 04e1ce7  Gradle improvements
     new 13793b7  Updating the with the lastest changes.
     new a73f368  GEODE-6131: Pass geode version as a parameter. (#24)
     new 3e920d3  GEODE-6180: Create unique results folder. (#23)
     new 84eb22d  GEODE-6181: Testname derieved from the Class name. (#22)
     new f95e4f6  GEODE-6138: Upgrade to JUnit 5 (#20)
     new c44cbee  Add beginnings of java-based AWS infrastructure management.
     new 0aa0594  GEODE-6172: Configure geode properties for benchmarks
     new 89d5f31  GEODE-6138: Using gradle's support for JUnit 5
     new 066d753  Merge branch 'develop' of into
     new 0a351d0  Applying JVM arguments to the server
     new 8fe5aa0  Use a thread safe list of processes in LocalInfrastructure
     new 0fd080c  Checkpoint.
     new 7d697c6  Work in progress. Instance creation and deletion.
     new 0a4b4b6  Wait for instances to be in running state.
     new d752e1b  Upgraded the gradle version to 5.0
     new b164ff0  Merge branch 'develop' of into
     new 9e71988  Minor syntax tweaks.
     new 145bf50  Cleaning up some unnecessary exception handling
     new 63ccb9a  Installing the ssh key for passwordless ssh
     new dc595e4  Adding command line scripts to run benchmarks in AWS
     new f38c20d  Reorganizing infrastructure scripts and code
     new 885b5ab  Removing uncessary swap file
     new 54863e3  GEODE-6146: Cleaned Portfolio benchmark object. (#26)
     new fdb956a  Merge pull request #27 from smgoller/aws
     new f0a8721  GEODE-6148: improve performance of Prepopulate (#25)
     new 46b2653  Using the dependencies from the local maven repo. (#30)
     new 0d18cbd  GEODE-6233: Use a new hash-map for each PutAll batch in PrePopulateRegion
     new 98ce0a3  GEODE-6135 - Changes to support running in CI.
     new 104bbf5  GEODE-6135: spotless fix for the initial commit.
     new 4e90943  GEODE-6243: New method to get number of members. (#33)
     new fac47bf  Use a dedicated separate profile to work with AWS. (#29)
     new ccac4cd  Adding additional metrics of standard error
     new 37aba48  update script parameters in readme (#34)
     new 6264f16  Fixing typo in aws configuration instructions
     new f47f08e  Fixes for grub and TCP syn cookies.
     new ac14c96  Merge pull request #35 from smgoller/develop
     new affce80  Fix credentials management.
     new 7c2be2b  Merge pull request #36 from smgoller/develop
     new 52115d5  Increasing the the JVM size to 8G
     new e3c3ae8  Changing the test parameters (#37)
     new 84b97e1  Added information about ssh key-pairs in
     new af5b3e6  Update script for running tests on AWS
     new 59a01d5  Merge pull request #38 from apache/aws-script-update
     new 1ae3370  GEODE-6134 - Add analysis after running a benchmark comparison. (#40)
     new d0ce8ae  Add public key to authorized_keys on localhost (#39)
     new 048e403  GEODE-6275: Fail Benchmark job when build fails (#41)
     new 8ec6dde  GEODE-6276: use named cli options for scripts
     new e4a68d8  Merge pull request #42 from balesh2/GEODE-6276
     new d98d389  GEODE-6147 - Fail benchmark task if average latency change is 5+% (#43)
     new 7ec3829  Add ability to fetch dependencies. (#44)
     new e963cdb  Fix defaults and dependencies. (#45)
     new 3ff37fa  Add debugging because reasons. (#46)
     new d75e1f3  Adjust getopt parameters and fix git checkout method. (#47)
     new 5bd36da  GEODE-6299: Create hgrm files from hlog (#48)
     new feab250  GEODE-6311: Adding the OQL benchmarks (#49)
     new a1cfcc7  GEODE-6332: Add function execution benchmarks.

The 177 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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