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Subject [geode] branch feature/GEODE-5212 deleted (was 82202eb)
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2018 22:21:57 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

prhomberg pushed a change to branch feature/GEODE-5212
in repository

     was 82202eb  Print env

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

 discard 82202eb  Print env
 discard 9928984  Testing converting classpaths to manifest jar for various launcher tests
 discard 79c539a  Run full integraion tests again
 discard e58e52b  remove references to TMPDIR and add debug flag
 discard 1ed2baf  leave alone
 discard 84bdcaa  windows sucks
 discard 80bd8bd  quote path because of too long filenames
 discard 895300c  maybe powershell
 discard 5cf7db0  sleep during backup test se we can debug on the actual test worker
 discard 625f3f2  GEODE-5497: Add an incremental backup test to BackupIntegrationTest
 discard 6e800b6  more debugging
 discard 54b7c5f  use full path
 discard 5e595d7  Because Windows...
 discard b2d94f1  Does the restore.bat script really need cmd.exe?
 discard 59167bd  List directory contents
 discard 319ac30  Add debug output for BackupIntegrationTest
 discard 7899f20  Merge branch 'develop' into feature/GEODE-5212
 discard 74a6603  Added unit test job
 discard f53050d  use geode-ci as input
 discard 8f32985  use testCategory property to run GfshTest
 discard f447389  Added WindowsGfshDistributionTest
 discard 72f3713  updated JAVA_HOME path to 181
 discard 237c79e  run all integration tests
 discard 9d9a6dd  added -force to kill task
 discard 5090a5f  run a single integration test
 discard b71c31f  Now that we have two workers we can run parallely
 discard f81424d  Use vcap gitbash
 discard 2d68aff  Added a new pipeline for windows
 discard fb89326  added two jobs for windows
 discard ed2daec  dont run in parallel
 discard 802850e  run all tests
 discard 489a8be  Added aggregate for running tasks parallel
 discard 23481d2  git base doesnt seem to see PATH, so use full name
 discard f91eb5e  GEODE-5212: Add temporary geode-ci-windows resource
 discard 6d738f9  GEODE-5212: Trying to debug GCP auth failures on Windows
 discard 5f302db  GEODE-5212: Trying to debug GCP auth failures on Windows
 discard dc296bc  GEODE-5212: Debug why archive uploads are not working
 discard 0b077ce  GEODE-5212: Hackery to speed up test cycle - only run one test
 discard 27887ce  GEODE-5212: More PATH updates
 discard e4ca62e  GEODE-5212: Add python path for CI archive script
 discard 322f104  Added WindowsTest pipeline
 discard fd02602  Check JAVA_HOME bin for java version

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